Exquisite Scale Models of the Beechcraft Queen Air

Our highly skilled craftsmen, with a solid background in design and engineering, have particularly excelled in creating scale models of the Beechcraft Queen Air. This iconic twin-engined light aircraft, produced by Beechcraft, boasts a rich history and unique design that our team has expertly replicated in scaled-down form.

Rich History of the Beechcraft Queen Air

The Beechcraft Queen Air is a beloved piece of aviation history. This twin-engined light aircraft, first produced by the renowned Beechcraft company, has flown through the skies in various manifestations. Its design was primarily based on the Twin Bonanza model, a detail that aviation enthusiasts will appreciate. Our model intricately represents the same wings, engines, and tail surfaces of the original design. Yet, the Beechcraft Queen Air distinctively features a larger fuselage, a characteristic we have meticulously replicated in our scale models.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our models are not merely replicas but handcrafted works of art. The precision and accuracy of each Beechcraft Queen Air model are assured by the experience and skill of our craftsmen. Supported by our team of technicians, the meticulous attention to detail guarantees that our models are as close to the real thing as possible. Every rivet, panel line, and piece of landing gear is crafted with the utmost precision, bringing the Beechcraft Queen Air to life in a way that is truly remarkable.

Custom Models

We specialise in creating bespoke models, with the majority of our work coming from projects commissioned by companies or individuals. These projects can range from a single model to any number of models of the Beechcraft Queen Air. We work closely with each client, keeping them advised of the progress at all stages. Modern communications allow us to exchange technical data, drawings, and pictures quickly and conveniently by e-mail, ensuring that every detail is captured to the client’s satisfaction. Our technicians are proficient in the use and application of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), further enhancing our ability to create detailed and accurate models.

In capturing the essence of the Beechcraft Queen Air, we offer you a piece of aviation history that you can hold in your hands. Our models are more than just replicas; they are a testament to the beauty, complexity, and history of aviation design.