Subsea Viking: A Journey Through Maritime History Embodied in a Supply Vessel Model

Explore the rich legacy of the maritime world through the exquisite handcrafted model of the illustrious Subsea Viking – A Supply Vessel that has carved its own niche in offshore history. This model is a testament to our commitment towards quality and precision, a principle that forms the core of our craftsmanship.

Every model we craft is an artistic embodiment of the real-world original, painstakingly constructed by our experienced craftsmen and backed by a team of engineers and designers. The Subsea Viking model is no exception. Each detail of this supply vessel has been meticulously replicated, from the intricate machinery to the unique hull design, showcasing the unparalleled precision and accuracy of our models. The model is more than just a miniature representation; it is a work of art that captures the essence of the original ship.


The Subsea Viking, an offshore supply vessel, has an intriguing history. Launched in the late 20th century, it has played a crucial role in various offshore operations, providing necessary supplies and support to offshore installations. This vessel, with its exceptional durability and impressive load capacity, has stood the test of time, navigating through challenging oceanic conditions. Our model aims to capture this robustness and versatility, providing an accurate and detailed representation of this maritime marvel.

Our custom model service is at the heart of our craft. More often than not, our models are built as per specifications provided by companies or individuals. A project can range from a single model to numerous models of the same ship. The Subsea Viking model, like any other project, has been accomplished through a collaborative process with the client, keeping them informed at every stage of the model’s creation. Our modern communication methods enable a smooth exchange of technical data, drawings and images via e-mail, ensuring that the client’s vision is accurately realised in the model.

Our engineers and technicians are not just experts in their field but also proficient in the use and application of Computer Aided Design (CAD). This enables us to incorporate the most minute details into our models, further enhancing their accuracy and realism. The Subsea Viking model stands as a proud testament to our CAD capabilities.

When you choose our Subsea Viking model, you are not just choosing a replica of a supply vessel. You are choosing a piece of maritime history, handcrafted with utmost precision, and customised to your specifications. Experience the craftsmanship of a model that truly embodies the spirit of the iconic Subsea Viking.