At the heart of our esteemed company, resides a rich history that stretches back over five decades. Our skilled craftsmen embarked on their model-making journey by building the first scale models of warships. It was a time when craftsmanship was still a revered art, and every model was meticulously handcrafted, piece by piece, with precision and accuracy. Each creation was, and still is, an embodiment of our dedication to quality, reflecting the expertise and experience of our craftsmen, backed by a proficient team of engineers and designers.

Over the years, we have evolved and expanded our horizons, but our commitment to creating handcrafted works of art remains steadfast. We have been honoured to build countless models for prestigious shipyards and navies across the globe, earning us recognition and respect in the field. Each model we create, whether it is a solitary piece or a series of the same ship, becomes a project that we immerse ourselves in, fully and passionately.

These projects, no matter how challenging, have always been a source of immense professional satisfaction for our team. We have embraced the complexities and intricacies of each model, transforming them into stunning, accurate replicas of their real counterparts. Our models are not just representations; they are a testament to the grandeur and magnificence of the original ships and offshore installations.

    • Quality: Our models are more than just replicas; they are handcrafted works of art. The precision and accuracy of each model are guaranteed by the experience and skill of our craftsmen, supported by a team of technicians with a solid background in engineering and design. This ensures that each model is a true reflection of the original, down to the smallest detail.
    • Bespoke Models: The majority of the models we build are custom projects placed by companies or individuals. Whether it is a single model or a series of identical ships, we work closely with our clients throughout the process. Utilising modern communication methods, we exchange technical data, drawings and pictures, quickly and conveniently via e-mail. Our technicians are proficient in the use and application of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), which aids in delivering a flawless final product.

From the first warship models built over 50 years ago, to the diverse range of models we create today, our journey has been one of relentless pursuit of perfection and unwavering commitment to quality. We invite you to be a part of this journey and experience the magic of our craftsmanship first-hand.