Our Completed Projects: A Testament to Our Craftsmanship

Over the decades, our skilled craftsmen have devoted years creating precision scale, bespoke ship models and offshore installations. These projects each tell a unique story, and we invite you to journey through our gallery of completed works. It is not just about showcasing our skills, but also to provide you with a glimpse into the fascinating history of naval and offshore engineering.

Our models are more than just replicas. They are handcrafted masterpieces, each one reflecting the dedication and precision of our experienced craftsmen. With a strong foundation in engineering and design, our team ensures an unmatched level of accuracy in every model. When you explore our portfolio, you will see the meticulous attention to detail that sets us apart from our competition.

Custom Models Tailored to Your Specifications

Each project we undertake is unique, and most of our work is commissioned by individual clients or companies. These projects can range from a single model of a historic ship to a series of models representing an entire fleet. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients, working closely with them at every stage of the model’s development.

Thanks to modern technology, we can quickly and conveniently exchange technical data, blueprints and pictures via e-mail. Our technicians are well-versed in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) applications, ensuring that every model we build is a precise representation of the original ship or offshore installation.

Explore Our Rich History Through Our Completed Projects

Whether you are interested in the grandeur of the Titanic or the technical marvel of modern offshore platforms, our completed projects provide a wealth of information. Each page dedicated to a project not only showcases the final model but also shares a bit of history about the ship or installation itself.

So, we invite you to delve into our portfolio of completed projects. Not only will you witness the quality and precision of our work, but you will also learn intriguing facts about some of the world’s most iconic ships and offshore installations.

We are excited to share our craftsmanship with you, and we look forward to bringing your own model project to life, capturing the spirit and detail of your chosen vessel or offshore platform.