At Ocean & Architectural Models Ltd, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality and precision of our handcrafted models. Our team of skilled craftsmen, backed by a group of technicians with a strong grounding in engineering and design, create masterpieces that are more than just models – they are works of art. Each model is a testament to our unwavering commitment to precision, accuracy and quality, an attribute that has been honed through years of experience and expertise.

Moreover, we specialise in creating custom models, tailored to the unique requirements and specifications of our clients. Be it a company or an individual, a single model or a series of models representing the same ship, we handle a diverse range of projects with equal fortitude. Our commitment to client satisfaction is evident in our collaborative approach, wherein we actively engage with our clients, keep them updated about the progress of their model, and facilitate the exchange of technical data, drawings and pictures via modern communication channels. Our technicians are adept at using and applying Computer-Aided Design (CAD), further enhancing our ability to deliver impeccable models.


Our craftsmanship extends beyond ship models, accommodating requests for various offshore installations as well. Over the years, we have produced detailed and accurate models of oil rigs and energy substations for our industrial clients. Dating back to the 1850s, when the first offshore oil drilling took place at the Summerland Field on the California Coast, offshore installations have played a pivotal role in the global energy sector. Our models reflect this historical significance and the technical complexity of these structures.

In the wake of increasing global demand for sustainable energy, we understand the growing need for models that showcase a company’s commitment to “green” practices. More and more corporations are investing heavily in renewable energies such as offshore wind farms and tidal energy harnessing systems. These installations, with their cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly operations, represent the future of energy generation. We bring our expertise to these projects, creating models that not only accurately represent the installations but also highlight the commitment to sustainability.

In line with this, we too are steadfast in our resolve to enhance our own “green credentials”. We strive to incorporate sustainable practices in all aspects of our business, from the materials we use to the processes we follow. We believe in walking the talk, and our dedication to sustainability is evident in every model we create. Our models are not just representations of ships or offshore installations; they are embodiments of our commitment to quality, customisation and sustainability.