At the heart of our craft is the belief in uncompromising quality. Each of our models is a handcrafted masterpiece, meticulously constructed with painstaking attention to detail. The precision and accuracy of each model are not just happenstances; they are assured by the accumulated experience and distinct skill of our seasoned craftsmen, who are ably supported by a team of technicians.

These technicians are not just regular employees; they are individuals with a solid grounding in engineering and design. Their technical know-how and proficiency in the latest Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools ensure that every model we produce is a faithful and accurate representation of the original ship or offshore installation.

Custom Models

In addition to our regular offerings, we also specialize in crafting custom models. Over the years, we have realized that the majority of the models we build are inspired by projects brought to us by companies or individuals. These projects can range from a single model to any number of models of the same ship or offshore installation.

We take great pride in the success we have achieved with these projects. We attribute this success to our approach to customer relations; we work closely with each client, keeping them continuously updated on the progress of their models at all stages. Our use of modern communication tools also aids this process, allowing us to exchange technical data, drawings, and pictures quickly and conveniently via email.

Our Work

Our website showcases many examples of our work. However, the models you see here represent only a fraction of what we can offer. If what you require does not fall under the main categories shown, rest assured, we can still build it. Our capabilities extend to producing models of virtually anything.

Whether you need a model of a historic galleon, a modern cruise ship, an offshore drilling platform, or a futuristic concept vessel, we can turn your vision into a tangible, detailed model. Every project is an exciting challenge that we approach with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our services or need advice on your model needs, please feel free to contact any of our representatives. We are always ready to listen to your ideas, provide our expertise, and work with you to bring your vision to life.