Handcrafted Model Replicas of UT 719 – A Renowned Offshore Supply Vessel

We pride ourselves in creating meticulously crafted, superior quality models of renowned ships and offshore installations. Among these, our depiction of the UT 719 – a notable supply vessel – stands out as an embodiment of our dedication to precision and artistry. Our models are not mere replicas, but rather, handcrafted works of art that reflect our commitment to quality and accuracy. The UT 719 supply vessel has a rich history of service in the maritime industry. This vessel was a product of the innovative UT 700 series of platform supply vessels (PSV), designed and built by Rolls-Royce. They are known for their ground-breaking design which allowed for better fuel efficiency, increased cargo space and improved safety.

Our model of the UT 719 captures the essence of this maritime marvel, bringing its history and significance to life. Every detail of our UT 719 model is shaped by the experienced hands of our skilled craftsmen, whose expertise is bolstered by our team of technicians. These technicians possess a solid background in engineering and design, which proves invaluable in ensuring the fidelity of our models to their real-life counterparts. The result is a stunning replica that perfectly captures the vessel’s distinctive features and design nuances.

Custom Models Tailored to Your Specifications

Beyond our standard offerings, we also specialise in creating bespoke models based on the specific requirements of our clients. Whether you are an individual looking for a unique piece to add to your collection, or a company seeking a set of models for display or commemorative purposes, we can cater to your needs. We have had the privilege of working on numerous projects, each involving the creation of one or more models of the same ship or offshore installation. Our success in delivering these custom projects is largely due to our collaborative approach. We maintain open lines of communication with our clients throughout the process, keeping them informed of the progress at every stage. Leveraging modern technology, we are able to swiftly exchange technical data, drawings and pictures via e-mail. Our technicians are also adept at using CAD (Computer-Aided Design), allowing for precise and efficient model design and production. Experience the joy and fascination of owning a beautifully crafted model of the UT 719 supply vessel. Reach out to us today to start your custom project or to learn more about our existing model offerings. We look forward to sharing our passion for model-making with you.