Discover the Majesty of the Queen Elizabeth 2 Ship Model

The Queen Elizabeth 2, often referred to as the QE2, holds a significant place in maritime history. Launched by Queen Elizabeth II herself in 1967, this iconic ocean liner has been a symbol of British heritage and maritime engineering prowess for over five decades. As a leading precision scale modelmaker, we are proud to offer a meticulously handcrafted model of this legendary vessel. Our Queen Elizabeth 2 model is a testament to our dedication to quality, precision and craftsmanship.

Our model of the QE2 is a masterpiece of model shipbuilding, capturing the elegant lines and distinctive features of the original ship. Each model is handcrafted from high-quality materials by our team of skilled craftsmen and technicians, who bring their extensive experience and engineering know-how to every project. The result is a ship model of unparalleled quality and accuracy, a work of art that brings the majesty of the QE2 to life.

Custom Models Tailored to Your Specifications

While we take great pride in our Queen Elizabeth 2 model, we understand that each client has unique needs and expectations. That is why the majority of the models we build are custom projects commissioned by companies or individuals. Whether you want a single model of the QE2 or a series of models, we are here to bring your vision to life.

Our success in creating custom models lies in our collaborative approach. We work closely with our clients from the initial concept to the final product, keeping them informed of the progress at all stages. With modern communication tools, we can easily exchange technical data, drawings and pictures by e-mail, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Our technicians are proficient in the use of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology, which allows us to create highly accurate models that capture every detail of the original ship. Whether you are a maritime historian, a ship enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, our QE2 model is sure to impress.

Experience the Queen Elizabeth 2 in a Whole New Way

Experience the rich history and grandeur of the Queen Elizabeth 2 from the comfort of your home with our exquisite model. Handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail, our model is more than just a replica; it is a celebration of the QE2’s legacy, a piece of maritime history that you can hold in your hands. Contact us today to commission your Queen Elizabeth 2 model and bring a piece of British naval heritage into your home or office.